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Blue illustration with the word Team written

Kara Jensen-Mackinnon | Producer
Producer and journalist for the UNSW Centre for Ideas, she has created work for Guardian Australia, the ABC, Sydney Opera House and more. 

Miles Herbert | Producer
Freelance audio producer and journalist.
Lauren Martin | Editorial Advisor
Award-winning journalist now working at UNSW’s Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law.
Miles Martignoni | Editorial Advisor
Head of Audio at Guardian Australia, and Executive Producer of the Full Story podcast.
Sisonke Msimang | Host
Author of Always Another Country: A memoir of exile and home (2017) and The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela (2018). A Perth-based writer born in South Africa, she is the Head of Storytelling at the Centre for Stories and curator of Perth Festival's 2020 Literature & Ideas program.
Lama Zakharia | Composer
Jordanian vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, who is currently Senior Podcast Producer at Nova and seeking asylum in Australia, created the original soundtrack for the podcast. 
Matt Huynh | Artist
Sydney-born, New York-based visual artist and storyteller, whose award-winning work has been exhibited at by the MoMA, The Smithsonian, the Sydney Opera House, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New York Historical Society.
Temporary would also like to thank:

Guardian Australia
Ben Doherty | Journalist
Lenore Taylor | Editor

Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law
Jane McAdam | Director
Frances Voon | Executive Manager
Sangeetha Pillai | Senior Research Associate
Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS)
Sarah Dale | Director and Principal Solicitor
Alison Ryan | Senior Supervising Solicitor
Isobel McGarity | Senior Solicitor
Emma Davies | Senior Marketing and Communications Officer
Ben Lumsdaine | Senior Supervising Solicitor
Photographers and Artists 
Abdul Karim Hekmat
Jamila Shah
M Jafari
Amir Kamrani

Initial funding for the project was provided by the Collier Charitable Fund.

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