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Robert Waldinger on making connections

illustration of two people talking to each other on a train

We know that getting ourselves to overcome that bit of awkwardness perhaps, and to talk to strangers, really ends up boosting our sense of belonging and connection.

Robert Waldinger

As we grapple with a cost of living crisis and increasing individual isolation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected and downcast. But what if the secrets to unlocking a happier life were right in front of you, and not that far out of reach? Through extensive research, led by distinguished Harvard researcher Robert Waldinger, studies have unearthed a profound truth: the key to a fulfilled life lies not in financial wealth or our work, but rather in the power of our relationships.

Robert Waldinger spoke in 'Robert Waldinger: Unlocking the Secret to Happiness', an event presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas in 2023.

Robert Waldinger

Robert Waldinger

Robert Waldinger is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development at Massachusetts General Hospital, and co-founder of the Lifespan Research Foundation. Dr Waldinger received his AB from Harvard College and his MD from Harvard Medical School. He is a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and he directs a psychotherapy teaching program for Harvard psychiatry residents. He is also a Zen master (Roshi) and teaches meditation in New England and around the world. Robert is the co-author, with Marc Schulz, of the book The Good Life: Lessons From the World’s Longest Scientific Study on Happiness

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