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Kassem Eid & Mohammed Hanif: Writing War

The challenge of writing about war is to take stories and experiences that are almost beyond language and put them down on paper.

Take part in an intimate evening showcasing recent work by two extraordinary writers, who will discuss how and why they grapple with writing about the harrowing reality of war.

British-Pakistani writer and The New York Times columnist, Mohammed Hanif will discuss his latest satirical novel, Red Birds. This dark comedy sheds light on the ugliness of war by following the unlikely journey of a teenage refugee and a philosopher dog.

Palestinian-Syrian writer and human rights activist Kassem Eid will introduce, My Country: A Syrian Memoir, a book that recounts his experiences in the Syrian Civil War where he joined the free Syrian Army and experienced the 2013 sarin gas in attack in Ghouta first-hand.

I really hope one day they will start treating people as equal and not brown and white and yellow.

Kassem Eid



Chaired by Ann Mossop, Director of the UNSW Centre for Ideas.

This event is presented in partnership with UNSWriting and Adelaide Writers' Week and supported by the Goethe-Institut. 

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