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Isabella Dobrescu & Alberto Motta | Education reloaded

Students are way more resourceful than we give them credit for. If they show you anything less than that, it is probably because they are not as engaged as they could be.

Isabella Dobrescu & Alberto Motta

The way we educate needs a rethink. All the elements we need are already in front of us, we just need fresh eyes to examine them. One way is to stop differentiating between ‘academics’ and ‘students’. We should all just be 'learners', all constantly challenging the status quo. Learning must both reflect and fit into our lives, and be a bold experience that is personal, interactive and fun... because who said education can’t be as entertaining as Netflix or Super Mario? Or both?

A UNSW Centre for Ideas project, with illustrations designed by Juune Lee and footage filmed at the EPICentre – a UNSW research centre located at the Art & Design campus. Videos filmed and edited by Paper Moose, and podcast editing and music composition by Bryce Halliday.

Alberto Motta & Isabella Dobrescu

Isabella Dobrescu & Alberto Motta

Isabella Dobrescu is a Professor of Economics at UNSW Sydney. Isabella's interests are in labour, public finance, and applied econometrics, and she is also the Deputy Head of the School of Economics.

Alberto Motta is an Associate Professor of Economics at UNSW Sydney. Alberto's interests focus on contract theory, labour and development economics, and he is also a Deputy Director (Research) of UNSW's Scientia Education Academy. 

Together they co-chair the STEP UP initiative in Education @ UNSW, working to combine theory, empirical analysis and RCTs to help design approaches that aim to improve educational outcomes using technology. Isabella and Alberto are also co-founders and co-chief scientists at a newly formed lab testing innovative education approaches (LionsHeart Studios, an organisation spun out of the Gamification Group at UNSW). 

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