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Angela Saini on patriarchal ideas

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We have to ask ourselves, in what ways are we still committed to gendered oppression in the way that we live our everyday lives?

Angela Saini

Has the patriarchy always prevailed? We tend to see gendered oppression as a universal truth, but in her radical book, The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule, Angela Saini argues that the history of this deep-rooted hierarchy is a little more complicated.

Angela Saini spoke in 'Angela Saini: How Men Came to Rule', an event presented by the UNSW Centre for Ideas in 2023.

Angela Saini

Angela Saini

Angela Saini presents science programmes on the BBC, and her writing has appeared in New Scientist, The Sunday Times, National Geographic and Wired. Her 2019 book, Superior: The Return of Race Science, was named a book of the year by The Telegraph, Nature and Financial Times. Her previous book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong, has been translated into 13 languages. Angela studied Engineering at the University of Oxford and was a Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

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